Saree Innovations in Southern India

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Think of Southern area India and man made fiber sarees invariably one thinks of. The South American indian bride still lives in to wear the standard silk saree relating to the occasion of the woman's wedding. With adjusting times, trends with sarees are also transforming. Retailers in Towards the south India are well-known for their innovations within sarees. This article tries to throw lightweight on the latest innovative developments in the silk together with temple area of To the south India.
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Some of the serious innovations in a silk filled duvet sarees by Southern Indian retailers are generally described below. The vast majority of saree innovations are generally by Sri Kumaran Silks in Chennai.

The saree-shirt arrangement

Sri Kumaran Silks has launched the technique of a saree-shirt blend, which is known as 'Jodi Pattu'. They have engineered sarees with a coordinating shirt piece, that's meant for the woman's husband. Both the saree and the shirt are constructed of pure handloom egypt. The saree contains a beautiful embroidered pallu and matching adornments is done on the clothing piece too.

That color-changing saree

Sri Kumaran Silks in addition has come up with the concept of some sort of silk saree that will changes color. In the event the wearer of the saree moves out of your ex home, the color in the saree changes. This retailer claims that the is the first truly color-changing saree to remain developed in the world.

Your Durbar Krishna Saree

The Durbar Krishna saree has been produced by RMKV. This saree depicts a well-known picture of Master Krishna in the pallu, in which Swarowski deposits have also been used. The following image is thought to bring good luck to your owner.

The zip-n-wear saree

This is an additional innovative concept around silk sarees just by Sri Kumaran Silks. They have designed some saree with several different but complimenting pallus. Each of these pallus have an attached zilch. The wearer with the saree can easily detachment one pallu and additionally attach another. That saree is popularly known as Zip-n-wear saree.

The pocket saree

This is yet another effective concept by Sri Kumaran Silks. This approach saree has a jean pocket, which can hold your cell phone and other small to medium sized items.

The surroundings saree

Sri Kumaran Silks has also produced a new type of saree called the Surroundings Saree. This saree is made of pure man made fibre and the design on the rural landscape is usually woven into the pallu.

The denim saree

The denim saree has been designed by Sri Kumaran Silks. It can be a pure silk saree that gives the look with denim, at the same time enhancing the soft come to feel of silk.
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